Besides the many attractions such as the lively Theme Park, the entertaining shows and mouthwatering offerings at the many F&B outlets, Resorts World Genting is now home to saome fresh juicy strawberries.

Genting Strawberry Farmhouse, located at Gohtong Jaya (opposite the Sports Complex) is a five-arce land that grows 100,000 juicy red strawberries. Founded by K.C. Chung, the farm's mission is to diversify the tourism attractions at the highland resort as well as to create a wholesome activity for the whole family.

Strawberry is popular for its nutritional properties that helps prevent cancer, heart diseases and encourages healthy immune system. It is an excellent source of vitamin K, B5, B6, manganese, folic acid, potassium, riboflavin, copper, magnesium, fatty acids and omega 3 - just what the nutritionist ordered!

In addition to strawberries, visitors to the farm can also help themselves to home grown vegetables and mushrooms.  There are several unique types of mushrooms, such as abalone mushroom, oyster mushroom, and valuable ling zhi that are popular for its medicinal properties.

Vegetables like beansprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, capsicums, and many other crisp fresh vegetables are grown through hydroponic cultivation technique. The clean air and rich soil provides healthy nutrients to the vegetables, enriching it with wholesome goodness.

After a fun day at the farm, come and rest and relax at our wooden hut café, the  Strawberry Farm House Cafe. Try our tasty jam, as well as our naturally preserved strawberry, biscuits, strawberry flavored honey sticks.  These products are made using the finest strawberries found on our farm.

Try also our farm's very own Strawberry Coffee or Strawberry Tea.  Not forgetting also our Chocolate Fondue to delight even non-chocolate lovers for its mixture of bittersweet flavour.  End the trip with a thirst-quenching strawberry juice.

Perhaps you can bring home a strawberry-themed souvenir to remember the day - strawberry shaped plush pillow, picture frames, festive decor, t-shirts, mugs and pewter products to ensure the sweet memories at the farm is not forgottten.

Nothing tastes sweeter than the fruits of your own labour so come to Genting Strawberry Farmhouse and pick the finest and freshest from the farm.

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